Site characterization

Site characterization

Seismic design of structures is based on accurate soil and site characterization. The Research Unit of SDG- EE has a long experience in site characterization, including:

  • Geotechnical and geophysical surveys and geotechnical mapping of urban areas at different scales
  • Site-specific ground response and site-amplification studies including liquefaction assessment. 1D, 2D, 3D, linear, equivalent linear and non-linear analyses
  • Proposal of improved soil amplification factors for the soil classes of Eurocode 8
  • Proposal of a more detailed and elaborate soil classification system (new CS) and corresponding elastic response spectra for Eurocode 8 (EC8)

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Selected projects:

Selected publications:
• Pitilakis K, Riga E, Anastasiadis A, 2013. New code site classification, amplification factors and normalized response spectra based on a worldwide ground-motion database. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 11(4):925-966
• Pitilakis K, Riga E, Anastasiadis A, 2012. Design spectra and amplification factors for Eurocode 8. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 10(5):1377-1400