Large scale facilities I: Euroseistest


EUROSEISTEST is a multidisciplinary European experimental site for integrated studies in Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Seismology, Seismology and Soil Dynamics. It is the longest running valley-instrumentation project worldwide (for 20 years), and is located in Mygdonia valley (epicenter area of the 1978, M6.4 earthquake), about 30km to the NE of the city of Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. EUROSEISTEST comprises a permanent accelerometric network of 21 high-resolution, three-component accelerographs, fourteen of which are installed at the ground surface or within small structures and the remaining six in boreholes, at various depths down to the bedrock.

EUROSEISTEST is an excellent site for testing and validating numerical and analytical methodologies. The facility has already generated more than 200 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. Its facilities and unique database of accelerometric records ( are widely used in seismic risk mitigation

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Selected projects:

Selected publications:
• Pitilakis K, Riga E, Anastasiadis A, 2013. New code site classification, amplification factors and normalized response spectra based on a worldwide ground-motion database. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 11(4):925-966
• Pitilakis K, Riga E, Anastasiadis A, 2012. Design spectra and amplification factors for Eurocode 8. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 10(5):1377-1400