Laboratory equipment and testing

Laboratory equipment

The Research Unit of SDGEE has long and internationally recognized experience in all kind of laboratory testing under static and dynamic conditions. It is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory apparatuses to perform both routine determination of physical, mechanical and dynamic soil properties, as well as high- quality research in soils, soil mixtures with recycled material (rubbers, pumice etc) and rock. We provide the following services:

  • Soil classification and evaluation of physical properties

  • Testing of soil samples (intact and remolded) of different dimensions under various strain/stress conditions for all kind of geotechnical projects

  • Evaluation of dynamic soil properties (stiffness and damping) at a wide range of strains

  • Evaluation of liquefaction potential

  • Small-scale shaking table testing (new)

The Research Unit of SDGEE has recently installed and operates a small (max 100kg) shaking table (ANCO R-201) for earthquake engineering, vibration, system dynamics, control systems, and data acquisition and processing studies and demonstrations:
  • 1.5g acceleration with 80kg payload

  • Peak displacement of +/- 12 cm

  • Peak velocity of 50 cm/s

  • Frequency range of operation 0 to greater than 20 Hz

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Selected projects:

Selected publications:
• Anastasiadis A, Senetakis K, Pitilakis K, 2012. Small-strain shear modulus and damping ratio of sand/rubber and gravel/rubber mixtures, Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 30(2): 363-382.
• Senetakis K, Anastasiadis A, Pitilakis K, 2012. The small-strain shear modulus and damping ratio of quartz and volcanic sands, Geo- technical Testing Journal, 35(6), doi:10.1520/GTJ20120073.