Large scale facilities II: EuroProteas


A large-scale prototype soil-foundation-structure system has been built in Euroseistest, named “EuroPro­teas”, a symbolic name from the derivatives “Euro” and “Proteas” - for the first of its kind large-scale model structure in Europe. EuroProteas is dedicated to studying soil - foundation - structure interaction (SFSI) and wave propagation in the soil and the structure.

EuroProteas is ideal for experimental SFSI investigation due to its unique configuration:

  • Excellent knowledge of the physical, mechanical and dynamic properties of the soil
  • Stiff structural system founded on soft soil to promote SFSI
  • Steel moment frame for flexibility and ease of construction
  • Reconfigurable bracing system for stiffness and damping modification
  • Two distinct reinforced concrete roof slabs for structural mass modification, as well as for shaker and wire rope mounting
  • Resonant frequency varying between 2.9Hz and 11.8Hz, depending on configuration
  • Three-dimensional instrumentation with more than 80 instruments (accelerometers, seismometers, MEM sensors), on the structure and in the soil, covering a volume of 21x21x12m
  • Two boreholes (30m and 12m), in the center of the foundation and 0.5m from the foundation, for placement of recording instruments and geophysical testing
  •  Appropriate size for small-scale models in shaking tables and centrifuge apparatuses
  •  Reconfigurable for forced-vibration, free-vibration and ambient noise measurements

 Large scale facilities II Euroseistest 1

Large scale facilities II Euroseistest 2

Large scale facilities II Euroseistest 3

Selected projects:

Selected publications:
• Pitilakis K, Anastasiadis A, Pitilakis D, Rovithis E, 2013. Full-scale testing of a model structure in Euroseistest to study soil-foundation- structure interaction. Proc. 4th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Kos, Greece
• Pitilakis D, Lamprou D, Manakou M, Rovithis E, 2014. System identification of soil-foundation structure systems by means of ambient noise records: the case of EuroProteas model structure in Euroseistest, Proc. 2ECEES, Istanbul, Turkey