Soil-foundation-structure interaction

Soil-foundation-structure interaction

The response of structures when subjected to dynamic loading is affecting the underlying soil response and vice-versa. The, so-called, dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction (SFSI) could be beneficial or detrimental for the structures. The Research Unit of SDGEE has long experience in modeling complex soilfoundation-structure interaction problems. Our expertise focuses on:

  • Experimental and theoretical soil-foundation-structure interaction investigation, using the full-scale facil­ity of EuroProteas in EuroSeistest
  • 3D numerical modeling of coupled soil-foundation-structure systems
  • Numerical modeling of surface and deep foundation systems
  • Analysis and design of bridge foundations and piers
  • Linear, equivalent-linear and non-linear numerical modeling of SFSI
  • Vulnerability of structures considering SFSI effects
  • Soil-tunnel-structure interaction modeling
  • Structure-soil-structure interaction modeling
  • Performance-based design of soil-foundation-structure systems
  • Analysis and mitigation of monumental soil-foundation systems
  • Dynamic foundation impedance functions

 Soil foundation structure interaction 1

Soil foundation structure interaction 2

Soil foundation structure interaction 3

Selected projects:

Selected publications:
• Pitilakis D, Clouteau D, 2010. Equivalent linear substructure approximation of soil-foundation-structure interaction: model presentation and validation. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 8(2): 257-282
• Rovithis E, Pitilakis K, Mylonakis G, 2009. Seismic analysis of coupled soil-pile-structure systems leading to the definition of a pseudo- natural SSI frequency. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 29(6): 1005-1015