Overview of research projects

- Short presentation of recent research projects by SDGEE Research Unit

- Presentation of EUROSEISTEST: a multidisciplinary European experimental site in Mygdonia valley (in Greek)

- Presentation of EUROPROTEAS: a large-scale prototype soil-foundation-structure system built in EUROSEISTEST (in Greek)

- Short presentation of REAKT project applications: Strategies and tools for Real Time EArthquake RisK ReducTion (in Greek)

- Presentation of recent studies on seismic risk assessment of Thessaloniki city (in Greek)

- Innovative intervention methods to improve the seismic response of the foundation soil (in Greek)

Reports on recent earthquakes

- Report on the August 24, 2016 Earthquake in Amatrice, Central Italy by SDGEE-AUTH

- Report on the February 6, 2016 Mei-Nong, Taiwan Earthquake, prepared by the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, NCREE, Taiwan

- Preliminary report (in Greek) on the November 17, 2015 Lefkas, Greece Earthquake, by Dimitrios Raptakis (SDGEE-AUTH)

- August 24, 2014 South Napa, California Earthquake. Report by GEER Association in collaboration with the California Geological Survey, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, and U.S. Geological Survey

- 2014 Cephalonia, Greece Earthquakes. Report by GEER Association in collaboration with EERI and ATC

- January 26 and February 03, 2014 Earthquakes in Cephalonia, Greece. Preliminary Report by SDGEE-AUTH

- Processed mainshock accelerometric recordings of the 23 October 2011 Van earthquake, by EERC-METU and AFAD

- Preliminary report on the Canterbury earthquake, South Island of New Zealand, 21-Feb-2011, M 6.3 , by SDGEE-AUTH

- Presentation (in Greek) on the New Zeland Earthquake (03 September 2010), by George Gazetas and the NTUA Team

- Preliminary report on the Chile 27-Feb-2010 earthquake, by SDGEE-AUTH

- Damage of transportation facility due to 27-Feb-2010 Chile earthquake, by JSCE

- Geotechnical engineering reconnaissance of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, by GEER Association

- Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering - Lessons Learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

- May 20 and May 29, 2012, Earthquakes in Emilia Romagna Northern Italy, by SDGEE-AUTH

- Report of Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commision Inquiry for the 22 February 2011 earthquake