Liquefaction assessment

Liquefaction assessment

 The Research Unit of SDGEE provides the whole spectrum of studies and expertise related to liquefaction risk assessment:

  • In-situ testing and surveys
  • Laboratory testing (cyclic triaxial tests)
  • Numerical analysis under total and effective stresses
  • Evaluation of the liquefaction susceptibility
  • Liquefaction risk assessment including evaluation of permanent displacements and lateral spreading
  • Recommendation and design of mitigation measures

Liquefaction 1


Liquefaction 2

Liquefaction 3

Liquefaction 4

Selected projects: EUROSEISTEST • EUROSEISMOD • STREST • SYNER-G • RISK-UE • LESSLOSS • Microzonation studies: Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Lemesos • Consulting projects

Selected publications:
• Papathanassiou G, Pavlides S, Christaras B, Pitilakis K. 2005. Liquefaction case histories and empirical relations of earthquake mag - nitude versus distance from the broader Aegean region. Journal of Geodynamics, 40, 2-3: 257–278
• Anastasiadis A, Raptakis D, Pitilakis K, 2001. Thessaloniki’s detailed microzoning: Subsurface as basis of site response analysis, PA - GEOPH, 158, 11